e was born the 3rd. Of April 1949, in Punta Carretas, Montevideo, Uruguay.

His education started in 1954 in Greece school and in 1960 he entered Joaquin Suarez High school, where in 1962 he received the 3rd. Reward of painting tender carried out among all the students of this institute.

His interest in art painting began since he was a boy, admiring his home walls, with plenty of it, the main made by his uncles Augusto Torres and Elsa Andrada and other disciple of Torres García art workshop, such as Gurvich, Deliotti and Pepe Montes.

His first teacher was the great master Augusto Torres who helped him to find his own style which was later developed with more intense colours, inspired also in European impresionists and very specially in German expresionists from the early 1900.

In 1967 he started courses in the Naval School and in 1971 he became Marine Engineer of the Merchant Marine.

Later in 1972 he travelled to Brasil where he lived sixteen years in Porto Alegre and in Santos, working in shipbuilding. It was there, where he started in a very personal style, showing his first fishermen beaches with moons, and port docks with old ships.

He took part in many exhibitions and vernisages in Porto Alegre, Santos, Sao Paulo and Campinas, obtaining rewards and mentions.

Augusto passed away on August 21, 2015.

Augusto Andrada